Pimples and blackheads after thirty: your worst enemies again

There is nothing more common than a teenager with acne. Who never as young had to cancel "that date" so special because it dawned with a giant grain in the face impossible to disguise? Luckily, after that stage of hormonal revolution, those annoying barritos never reappeared.

You believed that they had been in the past, until one day, when you are about thirty, prepare to go to that meeting with your boss and discover that you have a huge one in the middle of the forehead.

Maybe you're wondering: Why now?

Here are some keys:

- Do not sleep well and daily stress can clog your pores, contributing to the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

-The smog of the city and the heat encourage the dirt to permeate the skin, which translates into oily and shiny skin.

- The hormones after childbirth or during specific periods of your menstrual cycle collaborate for the appearance of this annoying problem.

What to do?

-First, DO NOT MISS CALM: Do not even think about squeezing them! You run t…

A simple and useful home treatment for the skin

Integrating in our facial care a home treatment for the skin is nothing complicated. Unfortunately our skin is not perfect, but luckily there are very cheap and effective methods that we can use to fix it. Today I am going to teach you a home treatment for the skin that I found to be quite effective. It is not short, but it is a good treatment.

From time immemorial, Asian women have used the products they had at their disposal to whiten and perfect their face to look like authentic dolls, and thanks to the advances of today, we can know their beauty tricks.

This home skin treatment is used to reduce or eliminate blemishes and to prevent them. Above all it is used to improve the marks of acne and wounds, and also to whiten the skin.

White rice

How to use
It is used every night alternating between rice water and lemon. Let it dry, do not rinse.

- Lemon: a half lemon (preferably always new) is poured on the cotton disc, and applied on the clean and dry face. It can also be appl…

A basic beauty routine for your skin

The mirror is our ally although the mornings of some days, it seems that he is determined to remind us of the slow passage of days. The mirror is the best way to be honest with ourselves. Have some slight wrinkles appeared? Have our lines of expression become more expressive? Assuming the passage of time and the work that we assume is the best we can do for the care of our skin.

Our skin of the skin is important, and apart from benefiting us with a variety of makeup that can, of course, diminish and perhaps conceal small imperfections; Certain is that the best makeup deserves a healthy skin so that we can present our face as artists in the best of the canvases.

Our beauty routines are usually basic, few women take seriously the care of the skin of the skin so sensitive and exposed to the elements and over time. Today, we suggest a basic beauty routine for the skin, which will allow you to maintain a smooth and healthy skin, resist the damage of ultraviolet rays. No one said that the lin…

Homemade facial mask for Acne treatment

Honey is an antibacterial that has been used throughout the ages to dress wounds. It is an excellent choice to use on troubled skin by itself or as a base with other ingredients.

Always choose organic, raw honey for natural acne treatment

Masks can be left on for up to 30 minutes, although some people put up with the mess to leave them on overnight. After that time, rinse thoroughly and use coconut oil as a moisturizer if your skin feels too dry.

Homemade facial mask with Cinnamon and Honey
Two tablespoons of honey to one teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon is also an antimicrobial. You can also use a 1:1 ratio for short or overnight spot treatments.

Homemade facial mask with Yogurt and Honey
Use a 1:1 ratio. Be sure to use plain, whole- fat yogurt. This mask is very nourishing to the skin.

Homemade facial mask with Strawberries and Honey
Mash up strawberries and mix with honey with a roughly 1:1 ratio. Strawberries are high in salicylic acid and vitamin C, providing nourishment for the skin along…

Natural acne treatment with fish oil supplementation

Get rid of your acne naturally with fish oil supplementation
Acne occurs when a substance known as sebum builds up and combines with dead skin cells. This clogs the skin's pores, producing inflammation and infection, which we recognize as acne.

Sebum is a natural substance that the body produces to keep the skin and other tissues (such as the hair) moist and supple. Sebum can build up due to poor hygiene - producing oily skin and hair - but many other underlying conditions can also lead to sebum overproduction and acne. For example, hormonal imbalances (especially high levels of androgens) and stress both cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. Bacterial infection can also increase the risk of acne, as can oxidative stress to the skin. Finally, while scientists have been unable to link any specific foods to acne, it is widely believed that poor diet can exacerbate the stresses that produce the condition.

Study: Supplementation reduces acne severity

One study into the effecti…